£75 per hour. Part hours are available and worked out in minutes from this fee.
An estimate of time can usually be given at the first site visit – which is complementary.

An update of hours being used can be provided en route. We always want you to feel comfortable and inside of your budget.

This tariff does not apply to Equality workshops.



Site visits; research; sketches; photographs; references to types of aids and adaptations or alterations to plans that may assist your project.

Minimum and ideal recommendations may be presented where appropriate. The result will be a list of viable solutions for you to take forward.


You may want the rationale behind the solutions which enables priorities to be indicated. ‘Quick wins’ are compared with longer term investments where appropriate.

Contact details of known suppliers and aids can also be provided. This is a longer process. The result will be a list of solutions that are prioritised. You can then put into place solutions in line with their priority and your budget.


You may want someone to simply take on the whole job; create solutions, prioritise and organise adaptations and labour. During this process you remain in control of decisions and detail.

You will have our mobile telephone number and solutions are followed in line with your vision and expectations. This option allows you to stay focused on what you do best while Spaced attends accessibility.

The result is optimal access to your business, without fuss.

MOST POPULAR: One step at a time.


The first visit. Travel inside of a 25 mile radius of Monmouth. All telephone calls between us.

Emails that assist the organisation of a project are treated as telephone calls. There are no ‘finders fees’ or commission based relationships with suppliers.

Hereford, Ross, Coleford, Cinderford, Newent, Lydney, Gloucester, Chepstow, Raglan, Abergavenny