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Do you know your case to get Spaced?

It is not always obvious that better access to your goods/services can be achieved and what may be the scope of the benefits. Indeed, Spaced is often asked of the Equality Act simply ‘What are my obligations?’. We can explore legislation with you individually or in a workshop. However, to only view best access as a duty does not necessarily bring benefits. The more productive question for both you and your clients is ‘How can more customers reach my service?’

Here are a few examples of the numbers of people who may not be reaching your service and some known contributing factors:

  • Approx 25% of the UK population see themselves as disabled – 1 in 4 [reference 1].
  • Inc wheelchair users, approx 6.2 million have difficulty walking – 1 in 10 [reference 1].
  • Approx 2 million have partial or total sight loss (not inc those corrected by glasses) – 1 in 30 [reference 1].
  • Statistics on people using prams are hard to find but we know there is a forecast of market growth of 4.99% for 2015-2019 [reference 2].

Knowledge of the needs of groups wishing to use your services assists you and Spaced to focus on removing restrictions, both physically and managerially. The benefits of working this way are:

  • A tailored case is made regarding your access needs and ideals. Spaced will build this case using relevant examples, such as those above, national standards, local knowledge and information particular to your service and/or premises.
  • The same information may be used for financial planning in investment and returns and SWOT analysis.
  • Unnecessary changes to your building or grounds can be avoided or staged. One company needed to consider Means of Escape and access in general. We advised not increasing access for customers to the premises until the first strategy was achieved. The first stage included making wider aisles by managing the stock differently and cost nothing.
  • Management solutions become apparent such as adapting customer service, placing chairs for rest and updating website design. For example, did you know that some search engines (eg, Google) optimise ranking based on how accessible a website?
  • Individual Access Statements and Strategies can be provided to enhance your marketing and reputation.
  • Your confidence will naturally grow along with your knowledge in assessing potential customer needs and how to respond.
  • Your service will automatically be lending itself to the aims of Equality legislation.

In all, we assist you to explore the benefits of increased access particular to you before considering further time and investment.

Reference [1] – Adapted from the Centre for Accessible Environments, 2014, re the UK population being approx 64.1m.

Reference [2] –