This service is particularly helpful if you would like one overview document of what access arrangements you currently provide and what could be provided. An Audit will take into account current standards and legislation.

The benefits of an Audit are there are many uses for the one document. You can use it to:

  • Widen your customer base / increase access.
  • Progress to Tourism Ratings.
  • Improve your brand and reputation.
  • Assist Fire Risk Assessment and Means of Escape strategies.
  • Assist Quality Assurance and Audit trails.
  • Assist Equality Impact Assessments.
  • Apply for funding.
  • Demonstrate need.
  • Plan for regeneration.
  • Plan for alterations.
  • Assist architects and design teams.
  • Assist planning applications.
  • Assist financial planning.
  • Assess individual parts of a building/development/town.
  • Complement whole area plans.


An Audit is undertaken using research of your customer base, site visits, photography, measurements and gauges. Part or full areas are examined against standards. Depending on the type of Audit you chose (please see Tariff packages) minimum and ideal recommendations are made along with rationale and priorities for action.

‘Thanks for all your hard work in producing this excellent document. It will be the back bone of all upcoming changes in the town centre for many years to come.’

Alison Crawshaw, Lydney Neighbourhood Development Plan

Alison Crawshaw