Around Home

My name is Fran Challice. I’m the founder of Spaced – Simple Access Solutions. I have worked from a background in Occupational Therapy (OT) since 1997 and converted to Access Consultancy.

If you have an OT currently involved in your care, I would compliment such a service but not necessarily replace them – particularly if there is a care package is in place.  For complex needs Spaced can liaise with health care professionals if you wish this assistance and we would defer to any OT involved with your care.

You may have particular experiences of the space and features in and around a home and garden that you would like adapted to your needs. A new health condition may overwhelm, with thoughts of moving home. Pause. Talk to Spaced. I will never charge for a phone call or first visit. Often, one conversation is enough.

The advantages and benefits of using a professional trained this way are –

  • Architectural merit, historical treasures and individuality are respected at all times.  The photo’ on the right is a traditionally modern example.
  • Because I am equipped to use regulatory standards I can suggest feasible alternatives when standards do not fit your situation.
  • Adaptations and aids can be sourced quickly and without fuss.
  • Choices for furniture, fittings and decor can be explored thoroughly before or instead of altering structures.
  • You do not need to have a health diagnosis to use Spaced – our focus is on solutions.
  • I can assist the ‘translation’ of care packages and treatment plans in terms of what these may mean for features within your space. If a health plan is needed, I can advise who may be able to help you.
  • Contacts for trade people and services can be given to you; sketches left so that you do that or liaison can be undertaken on your behalf.
  • If public services are restricted, we can explore whether I can fill any gaps and communicate with those services if it is your wish.
  • Sketches for adaptations and landscaping can be prepared or advised upon, towards access solutions for architects and planning departments so as to smooth that process if one is applicable.
  • I have a database of specialist health groups and research skills for complex needs.

Spaced nurtures contacts with a variety of professionals so as to assist you with all aspects of your project.  These include Landscapers to Highway personnel.  A wide contact base means peer working and review is central to our working practice.

‘Thank you for our talk, Fran. Working things out is so important.’

Mary, with cerebellar ataxia, Coleford: On finding solutions for shower access and travel arrangements.

Below is an example of an adaptation by a supplier Spaced may suggest. Various materials can be used such as recycled plastic (wood lookalike). Photograph from Better Home Access

Better home access